Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 — October 15

At American Tire Distributors, we’re proud to be a People-First company. We believe our associates are the soul of the company and we take pride in recognizing and celebrating your stories, achievements, and culture. This month, we’re pleased to be sharing stories about how you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15 by celebrating the histories, cultures and significant contributions that Hispanic-Americans have made throughout U.S. history.

September 15 is a significant date in the Hispanic community, as it’s the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September 18, respectively. Columbus Day, or Día de la Raza, is October 12.

We’re proud to celebrate our diversity and share the unique traditions of our associates. At DC #314, 100% of the associates are of Hispanic descent, with 85% descending from Mexico. The entire team takes pride in their heritage and enjoys getting together for team meals with tacos and burritos, and as Ruben, DC #314 DEM says, “the hotter the homemade salsa, the better.”

If it isn’t the food that brings them together, it’s their passion for their national soccer teams, and Ranchera and Norteno music. “To get the team motivated and ready for the day, we listen to Ramon Ayala,” Ruben shares. This team of associates bring our core values to life by sharing their purpose with one another. It’s their unique “Why’s” that enable them to continue to deliver outstanding service to our customers.

Adolfo has been driving with ATD for 22-years and currently leads all DC #314 associates in spark participation. Way to go Adolfo! He credits his heritage for his passion to learn and be the best that he can be. Adolfo grew up in the city of Cuqui in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, which laid the foundation for his work ethic and the importance of being excellent in everything he does. Celebrating his heritage is important to him and he enjoys being able to share these moments with those who matter most.

Chito, has been with ATD for 10-years and is part of the traction rollout team supporting our west coast DC’s. Chito is from Guadalajara, Mexico and takes pride in honoring his family heritage. As a kid, he enjoyed watching his dad play soccer for Zapata, getting its name after Puebla, MX, where they’re originally from and still own a candy store. He credits his upbringing for teaching him the importance of collaboration and teamwork to achieve a common goal. Celebrating his family’s heritage and their journey is important to Chito and he looks forward to family gatherings where he can enjoy enchiladas (his favorite).

Jose, has been driving with ATD for eight accident free years. He embodies our core values and holds himself accountable to be safe for his team, our customers and most of all, his family. Jose has six brothers and two sisters with many nephews, nieces and cousins. He takes pride in celebrating his family’s heritage and sharing stories of growing up in the city of Tepatitlan in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Moises, has been driving with ATD for 10 accident free years. He was born and raised in the city of Atoyac De Alvarez in the state of Guerroro, Mexico. Moises celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with his wife, whom he met 30 years ago after arriving in America and making Bakersfield home. Together, they celebrate with their daughter who just started middle school, one son who’s in college, and their other son who will celebrate turning one by eating Sopes y Enchiladas, which is Moises favorite family dinner. Each day, he strives to be respectful to those he encounters and doesn’t leave until he sees a smile. He gives thanks to his heritage for showing him the importance of bringing people together.

Thank you Ruben, Adolfo, Chito and Moises for sharing how you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

We’re proud to celebrate our diversity and share the unique traditions of our associates. We hope you enjoy learning more about our ATD family.

Who we are as people is who we are as a company. We share the same values in the way we work with each other, our partners and our customers. We are ATD.