Here’s a Sneak Peek at the New Styles from TIS, Dropstars, Drifz & more

TIS is one of 15 vendors at the ATDWheels Virtual Open House

As many begin to wrap up the year, ATDWheels is gearing up for the hottest new wheel styles coming in 2021. These styles were on display during the first-ever, fully interactive ATDWheels Virtual Open House, that gave customers a sneak peek of the latest products from the industry’s most popular brands. The event remains on-demand until Sunday, November 22.

More than 3,000 customers explored interactive virtual booths and had a chance to pre-order new styles from 15 ATDWheels vendors including TIS, Dropstars, Gear, Center Line, Motiv…

In this series, Rob, a senior machine-learning solutions architect from our advance analytics team, will introduce you to RxJS (a Typescript library that he loves) and share the problem space that it fills and its key features. After the basics are out of the way, he’ll dig in deeper to uncover the usage of its primary components and explore utility operators in future blogs, with the ultimate goal of covering all of the core functionality.

Take it away, Rob.

I’m excited to share the world of RxJS with you. If you do much asynchronous programming, you don’t need me to…

In Part 1, we created the base scaffolding for a production-ready Flask API. But what’s an API without data, and if we’re serving sensitive data, how do we go about securing it? Effortless REST with Flask, Part 2 is all about data and security. Follow along step-by-step as we connect our API to a live database and secure our endpoints. As a reminder, You can access the code from the git repo here.

Let’s get started!

Connecting a Database

To make things simple, we’ll use Heroku to deploy a PostgreSQL database. Of course, your application can use any database connection string and is…

A first-hand look at American Tire Distributors, Data Science Accelerator program

At American Tire Distributors (ATD), we’re committed to helping our associates be at their best by making sure they have the resources needed to take charge of their learning and professional development. One example of this is the Data Science Accelerator (DSA) program. At the end of 2019, our analytics team Launched the ATD Data Science Accelerator Program which provided associates an opportunity to elevate their skills in data science and machine learning.

Meet Sridhar, an inaugural DSA program graduate.

As an industry leader, American Tire Distributors (ATD), delivers tires and wheels to thousands of customers a day and meeting our customers’ expectations requires us to be as efficient with our time as possible. Meet David, a principal software engineer, who’s a member of our analytics team. During a presentation at PyData Charlotte, he walked users through building a production-ready Python Flask API from start to finish, in under 60-minutes. Now that’s being efficient with your time.

Meet the Inaugural Data Science Accelerator Program Graduates

At American Tire Distributors (ATD), whether it’s spending 3–5 minutes a day on our micro-learning platform or attending a peer-led lunch and learn, our associates are always embracing our culture of knowledge.

At the end of 2019, our analytics team Launched the ATD Data Science Accelerator Program which provided our associates an opportunity to elevate their skills in data science and machine learning. The goal of the Data Science Accelerator (DSA) program is to serve dedicated and determined associates who desire to accelerate their careers by learning the fundamentals of data science. …

Welcome back to our Route Optimization blog series. In Part 1 we showed you how to get Google Cloud and OSRM set up. In Part 2 of this series we explore how to use the route and table services to analyze delivery routes in Python. Let’s see how we can leverage the power of Google Cloud and OSRM to analyze our delivery routes in Python.

Using OSRM through Python

Here comes the fun part, the data analysis! To do this, we’re going to need some way of interacting with the OSRM server through Python. …

Looking for some hands-on experience using data analysis to analyze logistics problems? Well look no further, we’re excited to introduce our Route Optimization blog series. In this series we’ll explore the data science behind the one of the industry’s largest supply chain. In Part 1, we show you how to set up an OSRM server using GCP. Stay tuned for Part 2, as we build out an API and use OSRM through python to analyze delivery routes.

American Tire Distributors delivery drivers accumulate more than 80 million miles per year, making nearly 7 million deliveries to customers annually. We’re always…

Our analytics team at ATD is comprised of a wide variety of data scientists, data engineers, and software developers. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all touch the data science modeling component at some point or another in our daily work. To make sure we avoid situations where model building turns into a multi-month-long complicated extravaganza that ends in an unscalable model, we try our best to stick to a simple set of what we call our “10++ Commandments” (C++, JavaScript pun intended). These were learned from hard experience, so you don’t have to!

ONE — Thou shalt always check if teammates have built existing tools for what you want to do.

“I remember someone mentioning a…

Our Analytics Team needs to adapt quickly when it comes to changes on a project, which is why they’ve been relying on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. The GCP enables our Analytics Team to implement many of its projects to the business seamlessly and is a key part of their project plans. Google recently hosted a Cloud OnBoard session in Charlotte and some of our analytics and IT associates were able to participate. This full-day learning event provided users with an overview of the GCP and best practices so they can get the most out of the services offered.

American Tire Distributors

Who we are as people is who we are as a company. We share the same values in the way we work with each other, our partners and our customers. We are ATD.

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