10++ Commandments of Data Science Modeling

ONE — Thou shalt always check if teammates have built existing tools for what you want to do.

TWO — Thou shalt always know what is good enough for the business customer — what’s “80%” in the 80/20 rule?

THREE — Thou shalt always start with simple models that can serve as a base comparison for other models.

FOUR — Thou shalt always start with a simple feature set and add incrementally.

FIVE — Thou shalt always start by utilizing open-source packages before “rolling your own.”

SIX — Thou shalt always time your modelling exercises and extrapolate out to a full dataset: Big-O is not just a Wikipedia article.

SEVEN — Thou shalt always consult with colleagues when stuck.

EIGHT — Thou shalt never agree to deadlines without consulting the technical leads.

NINE — Thou shalt optimize to a reasonable degree before resorting to big compute.

TEN — Thou shalt know why you’re doing what you’re doing.




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